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Kayaking on the Han Rive

As water sports, kayaking gives players a very interesting experience on the river. Recently, the club (club) Danang Kayak implement activities on the Han river kayaking attracted residents and tourists to participate.

Khoảnh khắc chờ ngắm thành phố lên đèn.
City Sightseeing moments waiting on lights.

Danang Kayak Club was established nearly two years but boating activities on the Han River will be implemented around recent months.
Nguyen Van Hung, managing Danang Kayak Club, said this activity was originally organized for the members of the club who are passionate about water sports, but later found many residents and visitors needs to experience the club should have a wider deployment for multiple objects. Therefore, the club often organized for the participants to experience rowing in range 17-19 hours daily from Monday to Friday, starting on the east bank Dragon Bridge.

According to Hung, this is a very interesting sport, even those who never knew rowing could also participate as coaches are specific guidelines and basic principles of using kayaks, boat ownership ; operational skills, use the paddle, simple handling situations and above all, teamwork, teamwork. When traveling, the members will move along the mission, not individually separated to ensure safety.

The first time to experience this new sport, Cao Nguyen Truong Giang, students Polytechnic University (University of Da Nang) and his party feel very excited and interested. Jiang said that this sport is quite interesting, if somewhat hard rowing unfamiliar part because, in part because today Giang rowing boat Kayak with winds up pretty badly. This is both a sport just been relaxing and views of the city from the middle of the Han River was great. In addition, there is the coach for the seat only capture beautiful pictures from the river.

Casually known this sport while on vacation Danang, Tran Dao Huainan, students of the International University City. HCM excitedly enroll. Men share, before another full rowing boat yourself, first-hand paddle is free water brandishing favorite and very excited.

When the great unknown is difficult, but experience shows quite simple and because of him, the coach notes carefully guide the boot process on how to avoid the wave paddle, always keep the boat balanced, not being chao, shaking.

"Most impressive is watching the city lights up from the river, between immense moment waiting river crossing the river bridge lights. At that time the city looks gorgeous, shimmering on the water, "they commented Huainan.

Kayak Paddle on the Han River from Dragon bridge towards Han River Bridge and then turned back. The further route as rowing from the Tien Sa river, snorkeling, paddle to the village of Van camping or on to Co Co River only for those who know how to paddle, to master the basic techniques.

Anh Le Hoang Minh, Chairman of Da Nang Kayak Club said the club's goal is to create a playground for lovers of water sports. Greatest desire is to establish a team to play this sport members can play regularly.
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