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Tourist pearl of My Khe Beach in Da Nang

Danang is a land where nature is endowed au beaches with white sand and picturesque stretches Khe is one of them. 2005 Khe beach US economic magazine Forbes as one of the six most attractive beaches planet) .My Khe fully meet the criteria that Forbes as: the beach is very convenient for transportation information, open sea free for guests, with sandy shore and flat, the climate, the sea waves suitable for playing water sports, able to ensure the safety of tourists, with the luxury resorts, villas international standards ...
It is famous for its white sand beaches, temperate ocean waves hoaNhin from above, My Khe Beach "fascinated" by a green traveler stretching to the horizon. In particular, when twilight falls, My Khe like put on a new coat color panels quiet, more quiet, creating a beautiful setting.

With warm crystal clear waters all year round and dreamy coconut trees surrounding the sea. Coastline, beautiful, blue water four seasons, warm and the waves thereof, so that tourists can swim almost year round, but summer is the most appropriate, between May to August calendar . Not to mention, by the coast is not deep, guests will feel comfortable just relaxing swim just admire the majestic Marble tops and Cham Island on the far side of Hoi An ...

Like the tourist beach hotel Danang, My Khe developing strongly the underwater services for visitors such as fishing, windsurfing, diving, yacht. Beach with rescue system includes belvedere, lifebuoys, flag swirling waters and rescuers on duty day and night, ready to rescue promptly as victims.

If a visit to the My Khe beach, make sure you will be tempted by a charming landscape, the charm of this place. So you still hesitate any longer, My Khe beach would be the most ideal destination in the summer tour of your Danang
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