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Branding for Hue cuisine

In the cultural treasure of Vietnam cuisine, there are nearly 3,000 separate food items to 1,700 Hue. With abundant capital of Hue cuisine, many dishes became famous specialties and abroad; Food is considered a special tourism product branding thu.Viec for Hue cuisine poses necessary to promote the values of Hue cuisine, advertise more widely to domestic and foreign tourists; bring economic benefits for businesses and local residents.

Currently, the Bun Bo Hue, Hue rice king ... is the organization, now taking steps to establish intellectual property rights. With the advantage of the famous dishes of Hue from this long, bun bo Hue Central Vietnam record selection, selection, announced as one of 14 famous specialty and value Vietnam in 2012. Special , Bun Bo Hue was also selected as one of 12 Vietnamese dishes are Asian record Organization recognized as the dishes with Asian culinary value. Thus, Hue has a world-class cuisine. The value is confirmed, publish, Bun Bo Hue Hue Hotels Association take steps to build a brand for this dish of Hue. Mr. Dinh Manh Thang - Chairman of the Association of Thua Thien-Hue hotels who are interested in the development of branded products Bun Bo Hue said that 2014 was the Ministry of Science, Technology & Environment decided to put on the list Section of the Ministry and the Association for hotel branding process in 2016. To date the procedure is conducted expeditiously Association, striving in 2015-2016 will build complete to be recognized trade Bun Bo Hue branded products.

For Hue cuisine, culinary royal lines are increasingly being restored, upholding its values. Recent years, the cultural industry - tourism; researchers Hue culture, culinary artisans, businesses Hue tourism research, explore reviving the culinary value of this line. A culinary feast palace was restored in the Huong Giang Hotel since 1990, far more hotels in Hue restaurants put rice royal service to serve tourists and become unique tourism products of Hue. The branding for the royal cuisine with familiar names in Hue tourism is "rice king" is the company shares desired Huong Giang Tourist done this for years. Mr. Lu Hung - Deputy Director of Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa said, until now the form and content services at Huong Giang rice palace has a relatively complete and the travel agents, tourists received. In the hotel next time continue to learn more about the menu to try to do so more and more complete; He also wants the relevant support, enabling the hotel to the branding process for this type of food to contribute to preserving the unique cultural cuisine of Hue.

For years due to the slow build brand, establish intellectual property rights for products should "Hue rice king" was the brand business advantage to their benefit. There are not many royal dishes prepared in the same manner, the original; this reduces the influence of values ​​of individual lines of Hue cuisine.

Currently many unique dishes of Hue other values ​​that have long become special dishes are well known are also required to establish its own brand, like cakes pleasure Hue, Hue mussel rice, Sesame Hue, lotus tea ... The construction Hue Hue cuisine brand, promotion, referrals to local and foreign tourists seeking the entry of related industries. Mr. Phan Tien Dung - Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that the department is working with the agency, some research institutes to establish a complete record of the official form to register with the Department of Heritage and Culture review board of the national heritage for consideration and recognition of Hue cuisine is one of the unique value of Vietnam.

In developing the brand strategy specialty of Thua Thien-Hue province by 2020, according to this 2015 plan Thua Thien-Hue will build a certification mark for the Bun Bo Hue Hue; Build, manage and develop a certification mark, "Rice King Hue"; Branding exercise for specialty products and procession Hue Hue Sesame. Besides, Thua Thien - Hue will support registered for protection abroad for the Bun Bo Hue Hue and Sesame. The building, brand promotion for Hue cuisine is very necessary, to ensure the value and quality of products, to meet the needs of visitors to enjoy; while preserving and promoting the value and reputation of culinary specialties of Hue.
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