Airport shuttle service

​Desiring to bring guests a perfect holiday, class, apart from the product and service offers are made at the Vietnam resort, Bamboo Green Riverside hotels also provide shuttle service to you - welcome especially at airports. With this special service, you not only avoid the troubles and worries in the waiting taxi or outsourced transportation, but also the feeling of being welcome, cared for as a guest of honor from upon reaching Danang
Additionally, to support customers in time, right at the exit of the airport also arranged 01 special reception desk. Here, you will be employees of the Bamboo Green Riverside Hotel guide the implementation of relevant procedures as quickly as possible. Cute smile, enthusiasm and the flowers that reception staff of Hotel Bamboo Green Riverside awarded will give you the emotion sweet and relaxed before entering a journey of discovery seems poetic beauty of Danang.
From the airport, only takes about 40 minutes, the shuttle's Mercedes branded Bamboo Green Riverside Hotel will take you to the hotel Bamboo Green Riverside. This is about your precious time to enjoy the fresh air of the sea, watching the road along Danang and integrate the peaceful life of the coastal city of Da Nang.
Please call us for advice and guidance in detail about this service:
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