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Marble Mountain Scenic

It seems ever known who is known to Da Nang Marble Mountain. It is well known to the point that many people want to see it as a symbol of this land. Space fanciful, romantic, temples and caves, trees and temple bells, waves ...
Nearly 200 years ago, King Minh Mang has been around. He had himself named the mountain, to the caves and temples. No one knows the names like Marble Mountain, Huyen Khong, Hoa Nghiem, Lang Hu, Hidden Truth, Van Nguyet, Thien Long ... did the king to think how much lost time. But one thing is for sure, amid worries country and the people, in this mans soul, Marble Mountain scenery makes up a significant part as a place of pride in a beautiful land.

Here, the cultural and historical markers are in bold on each temple building, the tower early nineteenth century, on each of Cham sculptures century XIV, XV. The poetic writings Le, Tran also imprinted on the mossy rocks in the cave. The cultural and historical monuments such as mothers grave Generals Tran Quang Dieu Ngoc Lan temple Princess (sister of King Minh Mang), national self-ordained writings preserved in Tam Thai Pagoda of the Nguyen Dynasty, to the mobile historic revolutionary struggle as rock tunnel husband, hang Ba Tho, Kim Son mountain, Am Phu cave, ... All proved eloquently about a legendary Marble Mountains, a land full of geographical masterpiece epic.

Like many other places, the mountains surrounding her it is a lot of different legends. Dreaming of space and landscape painting with romantic fairy tales brought to the attention the Marble Mountains that few places can offer. In the thinking of Chinese philosophy, Feng: Kim, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn is the constituent elements of the universe. The number 5 is extremely important figure in thinking and in the life of the East. Look like, in coincidence, 5 tops Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Vulcan, Tho Son in his own it seems to contain the mysterious anomalies.

Also here, the caves, natural landscape and the system has random temples, has created a sense of harmonious beauty, is a charming, inviting, but there are considerate, confidential originality, emotion hidden surprises throughout the journey of visiting tourists.

On summer days, try to visualize it with your friends take the 108 steps of stone steps tops Thuy Son, sitting at Vong Giang station at the Changjiang river flowed green in the sunset, or standing on the beach watched Advent customs stations cut along the sand waves. In the afternoon the city flocked to the sea, each fisherman patiently top basket pushed the boat out to sea, the back is the full path of the lead leaves, inside the temple, incense smell silently emit a scent. .. A day at Marble like us how appreciate life more.
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