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Hoi An Introduction

Hoi An is situated on the banks of the Thu Bon River. It formerly had a famous name that traders Faifoo Japan, China, Portugal, Italy etc.. have known since the 16th century, 17. Since that time, the trading port of Hoi An has prospered, the major trading centers of Southeast Asia, one of the stations main parking merchant ships of the Far East. The town has ancient streets almost intact, which is the tube through it to the city from other cities.
The town has ancient streets almost intact, which is the tube through it to the city from other cities. Which has a street immediately adjacent to Hoi An river. The precious wooden here, hanging in the house non-sentences, pillars chisel pattern very picky ... Hoi An is a living museum, old town has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

Trading port of Hoi An is called the ancient port of Dai Chiem is formed when the foreign businessmen, especially the Japanese and Chinese people gradually set the property to live well as long-term trading. Scenery and lighting magic in the Old Quarter voices mingled with the bowling, hole, Rice ... rang out from the boat passed under the river, under the eaves, where the city ...

Small town located on the Quang Nam this was the place to witness two major cross-cultural history of the Vietnamese people: The first time more than five centuries ago, when the great Vietnamese expansion towards the south shore realms, and the second two centuries ago, when the west by the merchant ships and set foot on this land with the intention to spread and takeover. Both are great events that lead to great interaction and cultural Vietnamese culture has survived the ordeal of assimilation to self-reform of existence the same time. Now, visitors to Hoi An, in addition to discover the true simplicity of heart Hoi people, will take time to admire the ancient beauty and tranquility of the lush moss covered roof tiles and features Sophisticated carvings in wood houses that existed more than three hundred autumn and winter-spring cycle. Entered the old town, visitors will be amazed at a world isolated and detached from all destructive flow of time. There was no engine roar nor the brand brilliantly colored lights. All had receded behind his back, both space and time are deposited in the folds of the ancient wood. Pagoda Bridge, the array has two floors turned the Hoai river, Assembly Hall Guangdong, Fujian ... quietly exists to human recollections of a time past. In particular, a network Quarter seem romantic, deep and calm the light magic lantern every night 14 lunar months. Formerly, if the Vietnamese people are familiar with disk nut oil lamp, then the Japanese and Chinese were brought to the routine use of Hoi An lanterns. Initiative to restore the lantern lit instead of electric light from autumn 1998 has brought unexpected effect right from the beginning. Every night the 14th lunar month, all activities of the town is peaceful return to practices of over 300 years ago, and the old town within the limits of the four Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Le Loi Bach Dang has turned off the lights and hang a series of front porch lights magical cage. Although flame shining through conventional power, but the dim light of lanterns waving soft and braking markers of old time. The circular lamp, green lentils Chinese style hanging eaves and side doors, lights or fruit filling long tubes waving paper Japanese style hovering along the colonnade, square head lamps, lamps of stations to small size ... all have created a world shimmering, magical. During the night flower, the old town have voluntarily stopped using electrical appliances such as TV, street lights, neon lights ... Hoi An, but people do not see any money for it is his life. The light intensity decreases, but the town drunk enzyme romance caught up in every human being going through the old town. In ancient house moss, ball dress woman working real hard time before the light of the lantern is made from the fish after casual, sidewalk, two old high school hair immersed in thoughts with chess boards lit by candles ... It seems that people are living with the past when the annoyances of life currently exists. In the fairy atmosphere that, the existence test by tasting a few dishes taste Quang Bo as bread, cakes Vac, High floor at the restaurant also retains the image of the century. At Faifo restaurant on Tran Phu, the tiny lantern shaped classic yellow light shining a warm, harmonious with the same pair of large light paste Han plea agreements by ancient custom front porch. More unique layout of a coffee shop named "được xử lý". Here, the owner has carved wooden ceiling holes and inserted into the Ra simple bamboo rice washing. Every hole has steadily bamboo doors create a light and fun and unique. Is the owner has enough courage hole carved wooden ceiling of his house out? Presence on the streets of Hoi An is a multitude of stores offering the kind of lantern as a souvenir. Depending on the outer fabric which brought to light the different kinds of light. It may be the lucky red, cheerful yellow, sweet lovely color brocade blood or cold blue. But hardly comparable with lanterns that are centuries old are the oldest family live here and just keep them out in the flower festival. The lights are made from precious wood, carved and picky on each glass is a work of art really. The ancient stories of famous ancient artists painted on glass, vivid and perfect as an expensive painting. Every candle inside shining, white cloud scenes, ultramarine blue sky or water will keep spinning, throwing a ball up the glass details. Scenery and lighting magic in the Old Quarter voices mingled with the post players, they drill, pounding rice ... rang out from the river boat cover, the back porch, where the city ... created strange attraction for tourists. Not so solemn as Hue, not too exciting as for large, traditional definition here seems to bring a pure appeal to popular romantic spirit of the old days.
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